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First and foremost, before you go any further… All Intestinal Fortitude products are packed with powerful ingredients. It’s important that you not dive straight into the full doses of any of our products. You will overwhelm your stomach. Work your way up slowly. Start with 1 capsule (or ½ a scoop) for the first serving. Here’s where you know yourself better than any advice we could give. If you want to take a few servings before moving up, please do. If you want to add another capsule to your next serving, please do. Work up at your own pace. Now, a word on the recommended doses… Just because it says 4 capsules (or 3) doesn’t mean you HAVE to take 4 (or 3). If you are working your way up and find that you are seeing results and feeling great at 3 capsules (or 2), then you can stop there. It’s a double bonus! You are feeling better and the bottle will last longer, so you’ll save even more money. If this is your first bottle of the specific product you have in your possession you should start slowly. Have you been loving GLR-6 for months now, but finally decided to try AI-5? Start slowly with the AI-5! Have you been relying on the anti-inflammatory benefits of AI-5 for a year? You should still start slowly when you take your first scoop of L-Glutamine in the morning


The performance of these herbs can be enhanced by taking them with a little food. So, we suggest taking them in the morning with breakfast. If you’re an intermittent faster, well how about lunch?


Our L-Glutamine powder is as pure and free-form as it gets! This gives your body the greatest opportunity possible for maximum absorption. Let’s not screw that up by introducing competition! Take a scoop on an empty stomach and mix it with cool or cold water (hot coffee has a negative effect). While we’ve seen as much as 40 grams per day recommended for people trying to heal their Leaky Gut, we don’t go quite that high. Each scoop is 5 grams. We recommend 1 to 4 scoops daily depending on where you are in your healing journey. We like to take our first scoop of the day first thing in the morning. Taking it with a tall glass of water doubles as a little morning hydration. Any additional scoops should be taken throughout the day in between meals but try not to eat too soon afterwards. Give the cells that line your gut time to take full advantage


These herbs work so well because they essentially help form a protective blanket over your intestinal tract. Imagine yourself trying to lay out a picnic blanket while huge boulders roll right over you. This is why we recommend taking your GLR-6 just before going to sleep. This gives it the longest possible stretch of time to do its job without huge chunks of food passing through and disrupting it.


We recommend taking your Grassfed New Zealand Colostrum on an empty stomach so that you can absorb as much of this goodness as possible.  So, 1 hour(ish) before food, or 2 hours(ish) after a meal.  We pop 2 every morning!  Like everything else, if you feel better taking them with food, have at it.  The loss in nutritional value is not likely to be major.


Probiotics are one of the most recommended items for people to add to their health regimen. There are countless articles floating different recommendations on when and how to take them. The logic seems sound on most of them, and yet many of them contradict each other. So when should you take them? Whenever you will remember to take them every day. Consistency is important, so slot them into your routine where you know they will fit. I personally take 1 in the morning with my AI-5, and 1 at night with my GLR-6.

PREbiotic GOLD:

Just like the PRO-B11, consistency is more important than the time you take it. Standard PRE and PRObiotics should probably not be taken at the same time, as the fermentation process can start too soon. However, with the complex structure of the Kiwi Pectin, it is totally fine to take ours together. Or of course you could split them up if you aren't in the mood to take too many capsules at one time!


Bacteriophages are ready to go whenever you deploy them. So, slot these into your schedule whenever it’s most convenient for you to do so. These go to work almost immediately, and since you are only taking 1 a day there is no need to ramp up.

 These are suggestions based on research, our own experiences, and the experiences of our customers. You are you, and you know you. If you don’t want to take a supplement just before bed, don’t. If you want to take a handful at once (that’s what we do), then that is great. If you prefer to break them up into one capsule servings several times throughout the day, then by all means. The absolute best time to take our supplements is the time you will actually take them. If you never remember to take them at night, then that doesn’t help. Put the bottle on the kitchen counter so you’ll remember to take it with breakfast. Would you prefer to take your GLR-6 with food? Open wide! We might have made what’s in that bottle, but you are in charge now. We really appreciate that you have decided to give Intestinal Fortitude a chance, and we want to do everything that we can to make sure that our products help you feel better. Please please please ask us if you have any questions at all. Thanks!