At Intestinal Fortitude, we value your feedback and appreciate your trust in our products. We understand that leaving reviews might not be the first thing on your mind after making a purchase, but we'd like to shed some light on why your reviews are so important, and how you can make a positive impact.

The Truth About Reviews

It's a well-known fact that people are far more inclined to leave negative reviews than positive ones. Often, when we're satisfied with a product or service, we simply enjoy it and move on with our day. However, when something doesn't meet our expectations, we tend to speak up. This human tendency can sometimes result in a skewed perception of a product or business because we see more negative reviews than positive ones. No product is going to work for every single person. We know this. We say it right up front. And we try to compensate for that fact with our No Questions Asked return policy. We are proud of the fact that we have way more positive reviews than negative, but according to INC magazine it take 40 Positive reviews to cancel out 1 Negative review in the eyes of a potential customer.

The Impact of Your Reviews

Your reviews are crucial for our business for several reasons.
 Trust and Credibility: Positive reviews build trust with potential customers. When they see that others have had a good experience with our products, they're more likely to trust us.
Improvement: Constructive criticism in reviews helps us identify areas where we can improve. Your feedback guides us in making our products better.
Visibility: Reviews contribute to our visibility on online marketplaces. The more reviews we have, the more prominently our products appear in search results.

How You Can Help Us and We Can Help You!

We encourage you to take a few moments to leave a review for the products you've purchased from us. Whether it's a simple star rating or a detailed testimonial, every bit helps.

After you leave that review, just shoot us a message letting us know that you did it along with your order number. We will send you a code for 50% off of your next bottle!

Social Media is today's Word of Mouth advertising.

Additionally, if you're particularly pleased with your purchase, consider sharing your experience on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Your social posts can inspire others to explore our products and services. Now, we realize that our products tend to help people with "poop problems" and as such you may not want to share that with the World. We fully understand! However, we know that you are a smart cookie and can probably find a way to phrase things that's not embarassing. Digestion, Gut Health, talk of foods you couldn't eat before but now can, etc. Word of Mouth is the strongest form of testimonial, and your facebook/instagram/twitter/tik tok posts are the modern day version of chatting by the water cooler.

If you post a picture of your product along with a little info on how it's helping you, we will send you a code for 20% off of your next bottle.

If you want to be our HERO and post a video of yourself showing the product and telling people about your experience, we will send you a FREE bottle of whatever you want!!!

Our Commitment to You

We remain committed to delivering high-quality products and exceptional service. Your reviews and feedback play an invaluable role in this commitment. We genuinely appreciate your support and trust in Intestinal Fortitude.

 Thank you for being a part of our community, and for helping us continue to provide outstanding products to our valued customers. Your voice matters, and together, we can make a positive impact on the experiences of future customers.