Fortify Your Gut Naturally with the World’s Highest Potency Gut Repair Formula

GLR-6 Brings Soothing Relief to the Intestines and Digestive Peace to Your Day

  • Up to 300% higher concentrations of key ingredients
  • Formulated in collaboration with a doctor of pharmacology
  • Effective relief from constipation, bloating, gas, indigestion, SIBO, and IBS 
  • Regular, firm bathroom visits 
  • Enjoy your favorite foods again
  • Feel energized, mentally alert and productive
  • ZERO artificial ingredients, GMOs, or fillers
  • 120 day money back satisfaction guarantee
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Natural Ingredients

Fortify the Gut Lining

Gain a strong intestinal wall that helps block unwanted particles from the bloodstream

Smooth Digestion

Eat your favorite foods again with fewer tummy troubles, but instead regular, firm movements

Feel Energized

Enjoy having a healthy gut able to absorb nutrients for an energetic and happier you

Three Warning Signs of a Weakened Gut Wall

Many people struggle with cramps, bloating, brain fog, and lethargy. But what most people don’t realize is that a weakened gut wall could be to blame. This is because the gut wall is only one cell thick. Being this thin allows water and nutrients to seep through into the bloodstream.

But being this thin also means the wall is at risk of getting “cracks” due to the constant bombardment of stress and additives in processed foods.

Through these “cracks” undigested food and unwanted particles can then sneak through and cause a condition known as “leaky gut”. 

As Medical News Today confirms, “[Leaky gut] could happen when tight junctions in the gut, which control what passes through the lining of the small intestine, don't work properly. That could let substances leak into the bloodstream.”

Weak Gut Wall Warning Sign # 1

Food Sensitivities and Indigestion

If bits of undigested food seep into the bloodstream, the body’s defenses leap into action. First the body’s defenses identify the invading particles as threats. Then the body’s defenses seek to eliminate these particles before they cause too much mischief. 

The problem is that the body’s defenses can start identifying foods as threats the moment we eat them.

This is why many people develop food sensitivities to ingredients like lactose, gluten, and all sorts of additives hidden in today’s processed foods. And why they also get cramps, bloating, and indigestion like clockwork after meals

What scientists say - Harvard confirms that “An unhealthy gut lining may have large cracks or holes, allowing partially digested food, and bugs to penetrate the tissues beneath…that could lead to problems within the digestive tract and beyond.”

Weak Gut Wall Warning Sign # 2

Feeling Drained, Brain Foggy, and Lousy

Ever heard the saying “all health starts in the gut”? It’s a wise saying. Because the gut is home to 80% of the immune system.

The gut is where bacteria, particles from the air we breathe, and other unwanted invaders get sent for processing.

When the gut wall is strong, these tiny pests can be eliminated and blocked from entering the bloodstream. But when the gut is weak, these pests can sneak through the gut wall. And run riot, causing us to feel drained, brain foggy, and lousy

What scientists say - As reported by the U.S. National Library of Medicine: “Certain microbiota, bacterial products, and metabolites affect the intestinal barrier function and are responsible for the subsequent breakdown.”

Weak Gut Wall Warning Sign # 3

Low Energy from Poor Nutrient Absorption

The gut wall is so thin that if the intestines were laid out flat they would be the size of a tennis court. Having such a vast surface area means the gut can absorb all the water and nutrients the body needs to function at its best. 

But if the gut is weak, its ability to absorb nutrients can be impaired.

And if we’re not able to absorb enough nutrients, it can impact our energy levels and all round health.

What scientists say - The US National Library of Medicine confirms that: “The stomach and proximal small intestine are responsible for most nutrient digestion and absorption in humans.”

Here's How GLR-6’s High Potency Formula Helps to Repair the Gut Wall to Support Peak Health Throughout the Body

GLR-6 is a groundbreaking new high potency gut repair formula

What makes GLR-6 special is that it contains 200-300% more of its key ingredients than any comparable supplement

What’s more, every ingredient has been handpicked based on scientific research. And the advice of a doctor of pharmacology on what the gut needs to perform at its best.

So with its high potency formula and scientific backing, GLR-6 offers a superior, higher efficacy option for anyone wishing to fortify their gut and bring digestion relief to their day.  

Here's How GLR-6’s High Potency Formula Helps to Repair the Gut Wall to Support Peak Health Throughout the Body

Like any fortified defense, the gut wall has many layers

Every layer plays a vital role in helping the gut to absorb nutrients, while keeping unwanted particles out.

GLR-6 is specially formulated to help repair and fortify every layer. And its ingredients selected based on how they work individually and as a team to help support a strong, healthy gut wall and peak digestive health.


The outer mucosal layer both coats and protects the gastrointestinal tract. L-glutamine is an amino acid that acts like a cement mixer for helping the gut to make new mucosal cells. These cells then cover the mucosal layer to sustain a strong gut wall.

DGL Licorice Root

Licorice root has been used for thousands of years to help relieve digestive troubles. This is because licorice acts like a team of bricklayers that add new mucosal cells to the mucosal layer. Being deglycyrrhizinated (DGL) means the sweet tasting component glycyrrhizin has been removed, making it safer for sensitive guts.


N-Acetyl-glucosamine (N-A-G) is a natural substance found in cartilage between joints. N-A-G helps the gut to maintain another barrier of protection called the glycosaminoglycan layer. The glycosaminoglycan layer acts like the gut wall’s security team that prevents any large gaps forming that could allow unwanted particles to sneak through.

Marshmallow root

Marshmallow root helps the gut to add yet another protective barrier called mucilage. Mucilage acts like a layer of plaster on top of the mucosal cells. It helps to further fortify the gut wall, while ensuring nutrients can still seep into the bloodstream.


Fenugreek is a herb with a long history of use in natural remedies for relieving indigestion. Now modern day scientists know why. Because fenugreek acts like a cleaning team that removes loitering particles from the gut wall before they cause harm.

Slippery Elm

Slippery elm comes from the bark of a tree native to North America, and it has a long history in Native American herbal remedies. This includes remedies for digestion. Because when slippery elm mixes with water it creates a soothing gel. This gel is then pasted over the gut wall to soothe irritation and support digestion.

Higher Potency Means Bigger Benefits for Your Gut

Compared to other gut health formulas, GLR-6 provides 2-300% MORE of its active ingredients. This includes heavily advertised brands with celebrity doctors. And is why GLR-6 is a smarter choice for your gut, digestive health, and your pocket.

IngredientGLR-6Well Known Gut Health Brand X
L-Glutamine800 mg300 mg
N-A-G800 mg125 mg
Slippery Elm300 mg150 mg
Marshmallow Root300 mg150 mg
DGL Licorice Root300 mg100 mg
Fenugreek200 mg

What You Can Look Forward to with GLR-6

Relief from Indigestion and Bloating

Through addressing the root cause of indigestion, GLR-6 helps to fade irritating gut issues, including gas, cramps, and bloating

Regular Bowel Movements

With a gut able to digest food efficiently, bowel movements become firm and regular. So you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Enjoy your favorite foods again

You may find that repairing the gut wall helps to relieve food sensitivities. And you can get back to enjoying your favorite foods again in peace

Feeling energized and mentally alert

As your gut gets better at digesting and absorbing nutrients, you may notice you feel more energetic, mentally alert, and eager to live every day to the fullest

These are all benefits people like these, and thousands more like them, are experiencing every day thanks to GLR-6…

People Who Love GLR-6

Am I all better now?

“I was so very skeptical about this product yielding real results after so many years of trying so many different things. This really seems to make a discernible difference in my wellness-- I can eat like a regular person now!” - Britt

Great Product!

“I’ve been taking this for a few months and I can definitely tell when I don’t take it. Helps to keep things moving.” - Wynter Taylor

Love this product

“I have used other gut products and did a comparison of the ingredients and by far the quantity and quality of GLR-6 is the highest.” - Doug Felker

Actually works

“After about a week and a half of taking this supplement I've already noticed a major difference in how I feel day to day.” - Adam Pifer

How to take GLR-6 in 3 Steps

Take GLR-6 at bedtime with a glass of water

GLR-6 helps to repair and fortify the gut wall 

Enjoy smooth digestion, energy, and all round vibrant health

How GLR-6 was Born from One Man’s Mission to Help More People Enjoy Digestive Relief

Hello, my name is Will and I’m the founder of Intestinal Fortitude.

A while back I experienced firsthand the misery that comes from a weak gut. And my tummy troubles took a heavy toll on my family life, productivity, and quality of life.

So one day I decided enough was enough. And I set myself the goal of finding a natural solution that would help repair my gut and provide long-term relief. And maybe help other folks too.

Hundreds of hours of research then followed to track down the best natural ingredients for gut health. But not just ingredients I read about in some alternative health blog. Ingredients backed by scientific studies for their ability to help support a happy, healthy gut.

After filling piles of notebooks and my kitchen shelves with supplement bottles, months of self experimentation then followed. Until finally, I succeeded in my goal. And identified an optimal "blend" of 6 gut health fortifying ingredients.

I’d love to say that was the end of the story.

But I wanted to find a manufacturer who could combine the ingredients for me. And this took me on an entirely new adventure. An eye raising adventure into the dark underbelly of the supplement industry.

I was shocked to discover how many supplement companies use small dosages, cheap ingredient “swaps”, dodgy labeling practices, and other underhand tactics to maximize their profits at the expense of people’s health.

I wanted to make something I believed in, felt confident in, and could give to someone, look them in the eye, and feel good about it.

So cutting corners, using low dosages, and other supplement manufacturing “tricks” was a no-go.

I knew that the only way to combine the ingredients in the quality and concentrations I wanted was to find a manufacturer who had the same values.

 It took me nearly two years to find them.

 But eventually I found an ethical supplement manufacturer, led by a doctor of pharmacology, who shared my mission.

We then combined our knowledge to create the highest potency, most efficacious gut repair supplement money can buy. And so GLR-6 was born.

 Since its launch, GLR-6 has helped many thousands of people to fortify their guts, to soothe their digestion, and to feel healthy, energized, and ready to seize life with both hands again.

Creating GLR-6 has been a long, hard struggle, to say the least.

 But receiving all the emails, letters, and phone calls from the people whose lives GLR-6 has transformed has made all the struggle worth it.

How GLR-6 Compares to Other Gut Health Formulas


  • Up to 300% more of the active ingredients than you’ll find in other gut health supplements
  • Formulated in partnership with a doctor of pharmacology to contain only the best ingredients and dosages
  • Clear labeling on the label of the exact percentages in every capsule. 
  • GLR-6’s ingredients and dosages have been selected based on efficacy and what’s best for optimal gut health
  • GLR-6 may have a neutral taste. But this tells you it only contains ingredients selected for their gut health benefits.
  • Genuinely vegan friendly ingredients, including the capsules.
  • Ingredients sourced from the purest sources available and combined in a GMP facility
  • Does not contain fillers, GMOs or artificial ingredients
  • 120 day satisfaction guarantee so you can experience the full benefits of GLR-6 at zero risk

Competitor formulas

  • Most gut health supplements contain formulas that are under-dosed and ineffective
  • Ingredients selected on what’s cheap to source and can be marked up at the highest profits.
  • Many supplement companies use shady language on the label to disguise their low potency.
  • Many unscrupulous manufacturers swap ingredients with cheaper equivalents to boost profits.
  • Many use sweeteners, or stevia to provide a sweet taste. But even stevia can upset some people’s stomachs.
  • The capsules are made from animal derived gelatin.
  • Ingredients cheaply sourced and cheaply manufactured.
  • They contain fillers, GMOs, and artificial bulking ingredients.
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee, which isn’t enough time to gauge a gut health supplement’s’ full benefits.

120 Day “Enjoy a Happy, Healthy Gut” Or Your Money Back Guarantee

We believe GLR-6 is the most potent gut repair supplement on the market today…

 And GLR-6’s high doses of every ingredient makes it superior to any other brand.

 We’re confident that within weeks of trying GLR-6 you’ll notice significant benefits for your digestion, energy, and all round health.

 But if you don’t enjoy smooth, healthy digestion…

 Regular, firm movements…

 Or if you don’t notice you feel more energized, mentally alert, and productive…

 Or you simply change your mind and want your money back…

All you need to do is return the unopened bottles in the next 120 days.

 We’ll then automatically refund every cent to your card, excluding postage.

 No emails to send, phone numbers to call, or hoops to jump through of any kind

$1 of Every Purchase Goes to Gut Health Charities

You’ll regularly find members of the Intestinal Fortitude team promoting the benefits of gut health in social media.

 This is because we’re passionate about spreading awareness on gut health. And helping people across the world to improve their digestion, and get back to enjoying life on their terms.

 In reflection of this mission...

$1 from every bottle of GLR-6 is donated to gut health related research, charities, and causes.

Gain the Biggest Benefits and Savings from the Multipacks

A single bottle of GLR-6 is a great way to try it out. But the best results come from consistent daily use.

This is because it can take time for GLR-6’s ingredients to help repair the gut wall, after years of bombardment from stress and processed foods.

But even after the gut wall is repaired, GLR-6 can continue to provide benefits for your digestion, energy, and all round health that build over time.

In other words, the longer you take GLR-6 for the better the results.

This is why we recommend investing in the larger package sizes of GLR-6.

The larger package sizes offer the biggest health benefits, and the biggest savings. And the larger package sizes also protect you from price rises, and the risk of ingredients getting scarce.

GLR-6 is an Investment in Your Gut Health and Quality of Life

Whichever package size you choose, every bottle is protected by our 120 day “Enjoy a Happy, Healthy Gut” or your money back guarantee.

The reason we offer a generous 120 day guarantee is because the only way to appreciate GLR-6’s benefits is to try it for yourself.

So go ahead and choose your favorite package of GLR-6.

And discover how GLR-6’s high potency formula can help repair, fortify, and soothe your gut. And provide more effective digestive relief than any supplement you may have tried before.

Just think, in days from now you can get started on enjoying your favorite foods, feeling energized, enjoying more time with the family, and being more productive again. And being more like your old, joyful self again.

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